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CR1616 button batteries, CR1632 battery clamp
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CR1616 button batteries, CR1632 battery clamp
电压: 锰钢
数量: 20000
类型: 纽扣电池扣
规格: 16*3.2
品牌: XJY
型号: CR1616
认证: SGS
容量: 10年

Battery spring belongs to the hardware stamping, electronic hardware materials category. English Name: BATTERY CONNECTOR. Also known as battery connecting sheet, battery terminal, connecting the battery contact piece, battery spring plate, metal film batteries, button batteries etc..

Battery spring

Is an important part of the battery, with copper, iron, stainless steel and other materials. CT, silver, nickel electroplating. Battery spring mounted on the conductive film is pressed, forming a loop shrapnel center point contact PCB plate, the current through the. It has a strong continuity, feels good features such as AG1, AG3, AG8, CR1220, AG10, AG13CR927, CR1620, CR1632, CR2016, CR2032, CR2450, CR2477.

According to the use of materials: button batteries use of materials can be divided into copper nickel battery buckle, brass nickel button batteries, manganese nickel battery button.

In addition, based on the practical situation of circuit board, to classify the weld width, 0.8,1.0,2.0,3.0,3.4, OEM etc. accept small order custom-made mold etc.