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AG5 battery, LR754 battery
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AG5 battery, LR754 battery
电压: 1.5V
数量: 20000
类型: 纽扣电池
规格: 7.85*5.4
品牌: XJY
型号: AG5/LR754
认证: 52MAH
容量: 1年

Standard LR754 voltage 1.5V, termination voltage 0.9V, discharge resistance discharge 29K Ω, continuous discharge for 460 hours. The work capacity of 52mAh, weight 1.95g. load resistance 6.8K.c size 7.85*5.4 lithium button battery is widely used in the electronic dictionary, camera, remote control, blood glucose meter, body fat tester, tyre pressure meter, electronic call, calendar, toys, watches, attendance machine, MP3, radio, electronic flash products the same product in different address: 393A AG5 LR754 note: 1, the correct battery connections " + " and " - " polarity; 2, different types of batteries don't together, 3, do not directly; solder on batteries; 4, to avoid the battery storage in direct light, high temperature, high humidity environment. Warning: 1, cannot charge, short circuit and assembled at will, can not be heated or placed away from the fire source close to place; 2, should not let the children contact battery, such as child swallowed, immediately rushed to the hospital; 3, the battery in the inventory or abandoned, should ensure that the battery insulation. If the battery contact with other metals, its explosion or possible failure.

We can for battery processing various types of welding wire, connecting the battery, foot, or processed into hanging card ( film ), and other processing methods