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ER14335M battery, battery positioning card
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ER14335M battery, battery positioning card
电压: 3.6V
数量: 2000
类型: 锂亚电池
规格: 14.5**3.5
品牌: XJY
型号: er14335M
认证: 1300mah
容量: 10年

ER14335M battery, battery, battery positioning card type: ER14335M

●standard voltage: 3.6V;

●rated capacity: 1300mAh

The maximum continuous current: 200mA

●the maximum pulse current: 400mA

●cell dimensions: 14.5 x 33.5 ( mm )

●operating temperature: -55℃+85℃;

●storage temperature: -10 ℃+45℃;

● product features: single voltage of lithium thionyl chloride batteries high, in the lithium battery is the ratio of the energy of a battery is the highest. Stable discharge, discharge curves. Working platform capacity within 90% remained almost unchanged. The battery can work normally in the range of -55℃ ~+85 ℃, -55℃capacity is approximately normal capacity 50%; demonstrated extremely excellent high temperature performance, since the discharge rate is below 1%, the storage life of up to 10 years, is a highly cost-effective battery.

●environmental protection: our company has been implementing the EU " ROSH" directive, products have passed " SGS " certification, full compliance with European clients for environmental requirements of the battery.

Main use: smart card meter ( water, electricity, gas meter ), memory backup, computer support power, medical devices, wireless communication, camera, camera, mobile communication equipment, scientific instruments, oil drilling, electric equipment, marine equipment and military equipment etc.. ( according to customer's requirements with pins or lead)