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ER14250M battery, prepaid water meter battery
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ER14250M battery, prepaid water meter battery
电压: 3.6V
数量: 2400
类型: 锂亚电池
规格: 14*25
品牌: XJY
型号: er14250m
认证: 1000MAH
容量: 10年

ER14250M battery, prepaid water meter battery

3.6V lithium thionyl chloride batteries ( 3.6V Li-SOCL2 Battery )

Power type, winding type ( HighPower, Spirally Wound Type )

ER -- a power type ER14250M

Product description ( Descriptionof Battery ):

Model ( Model ) :ER14250M ( 1/2AA ) ( room temperature 23± 2 ℃, 0.5mA discharge, voltage 2.0V )

Cell size ( Max.Size ): 14.5X25.0mm

The nominal capacity of ( NominalCapacity ) :1000mAh

Rated voltage ( NominalVoltage ) :3.6V

Maximum continuous operating current ( Max.ConstantCurrent ) :200mA

The maximum pulse current ( Max.PulseCurrent ) :400mA

The working temperature of (OperatingTemperature) :-55 °~+85° C C

The reference weight ( Ref.Weight ) :11g

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