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ER26500 battery, the battery meter
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ER26500 battery, the battery meter
电压: 3.6V
数量: 5000
类型: 锂亚电池
规格: 26*50
品牌: XJY
型号: ER26500
认证: 13000
容量: 10年

ER26500 battery, ER26500 battery gas meter

For smart card meter ( water, electricity, gas meter ), computer support power, medical devices, wireless communication, oil drilling, mobile communication, scientific instruments, radio, instrumentation, remote signal device and military equipment etc.. It has a full set of specifications: ER14335M battery, ER14505M battery, ER17335M battery, ER17505M battery, ER18505M battery, ER20505M battery, ER26500M battery, ER34615M battery, ER10250 battery, ER10280 battery, ER10450 battery, ER13150 battery, ER13170 battery, ER13460 battery, ER14250 battery, ER14335 battery, ER14505 battery, ER17335 battery, ER17505 battery, ER18505 battery, ER20505 battery, ER2450 battery, ER14250M battery, ER32L65 battery, ER34L100 battery, ER34615 battery, ER341245 battery, EF651625 battery.