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Import Panasonic CR2032 battery
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Import Panasonic CR2032 battery
电压: 3.0V
数量: 6000
类型: 纽扣电池
规格: 20*3.2
品牌: 松下
型号: CR2032
认证: 220MAH
容量: 5年

Import Panasonic CR2032 lithium battery, which belongs to the lithium manganese dioxide structure, with lithium metal anode, electrolytic manganese dioxide as the cathode, neutral electrolyte solution as electrolyte, nominal voltage of a battery of 3V, such as buttons, referred to as lithium manganese button cell. The welding foot cell has the following advantages: 1, using the Japanese advanced microcomputer control equipment, after processing the battery voltage, capacity without any change. Fine workmanship, stable performance, can be processed leg according to the different needs of customers to process design. Adapt to all kinds of button batteries leg processing. 2, 3V soldering irons battery can replace the battery holder directly welded on the circuit board. Is beneficial to reduce labor costs, improve efficiency, reduce product cost advantage, in the case of good quality can also be saved to your company to create profit cost! 3, in the domestic battery industry in the application of microcomputer control of high frequency inverter spot welding machine for battery welding foot processing, the welding plates and nickel plating quality, solves the welding pieces to existing shedding, solder joint, and the black battery injury problems, has been overwhelming majority of customer recognition.