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CR2016 weld legs and feet battery, 2016 battery, undertake the welding foot cell processing
电压: 3.0V
数量: 5000
类型: 焊脚电池
规格: 20*1.6
品牌: XJY
型号: CR2016
认证: SGS
容量: 75MAH

CR2016 lithium button battery nominal voltage is 3V, is 2 times the stem cell, which uses manganese dioxide and chemical properties is very stable as cathode material and very high energy lithium as negative electrode material. Since the discharge rate of less than 2%, long storage life. Battery using reasonable sealing structure and material, good air tightness, the use is safe.

Lithium manganese battery has the characteristics of temperature wide, in -20℃ -+60 ℃battery can work normally, effective storage period is one year.

Lithium manganese button cell is widely used in the electronic dictionary, camera, remote control, blood glucose meter, body fat tester, tire pressure gauge, electronics, toys, clock, calendar, attendance machine, MP3, radio, electronic flash products etc..

The CR2016 specification parameter nominal voltage 3V nominal capacity of 75mAh standard current 0.1mA maximum continuous current 1.0mA maximum pulse current 15mA maximum size ofΦ20.0x1.6mm weight 1.8g

We can for battery processing various types of welding wire, connecting the battery, foot, or processed into hanging card ( film ), and other processing methods

Plus two pads in button battery ( battery pole ear ), in order to facilitate the users in the use of the pin inserted in the PCB board, then welding

The welding foot battery, known as battery with pins, pin battery, English name is "battery with tags ", " soldered battery ", " battery with pins ", in Taiwan and Hongkong known as the "fight ( PIN ) battery.

Usually the small electronic or digital products inside the store button battery power with the need of welded on the circuit board ( PCB ), and the need to have welding plate welding in button cell surface ( piece ), button cell surface is usually stainless steel, is not directly solder, so the manufacturer will take welding spot welding nickel or zinc plating in the button battery, soldering to facilitate the use of button battery factory.

The button battery welding foot is more complex, the main reason for the battery is too thin, and the negative electrode of lithium is directly connected with the negative pole of the battery shell, so it is easy to occur the battery is welded bad ( internal diaphragm welding wear caused by short circuit ) or bad phenomenon welding sheet is easy to drop.

The welding foot battery factory good Shenzhen fast source technology, basically solved the button battery false welding, weld and phenomenon off voltage.

Can according to customer product requirements are special custom pin battery production and processing